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Why Us

When it comes to technology, one size doesn’t fit all. We understand that each of our client’s has its own special needs in terms of timeframe, cost, technology preferences, processes to be followed and so on. We excel at developing solutions that fit every specific need of our clients, because we have carefully selected overseas partners that cover a wide range of our clients needs. For example, we have teams that specialize in various technologies ranging from with C#,VB,AJAX,Share Point Server,Web Services It Open Source like PHP and MySQL

We, along with our offshore partners deliver quality within committed timeframe at the same time reducing costs by 30-50% because we optimize utilisation of resources in US and overseas

  • have teams that specialize in the type of application and technology you need
  • follow the processes for certifications in quality like ISO and CMM
  • reuse commonly used software components, much like prefab components in housing
  • follow a proven methodology that makes the development process easy yet efficient
  • have a global system that provides transparency and enables close monitoring of quality and efficiency

While most companies know how to build secure and reliable applications, we specialize in developing: maintainable applications, ie applications that wont break when changes are made. And changes are easy to make by some one who didn’t develop it Because changes are inevitable, we architect them from the start to be maintainable

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