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How We Work




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Delivery Model

Our US based team understands your requirements and takes responsibility for quality delivery and responding quickly to your needs. We carefully select the right offshore partner to work on your project. Typically we do analysis and design, supervision and relationship management, while our partners do the development, deployment and maintenance work. Our XL Global Delivery Model ensure that most of your interaction is with the US team who manages the offshore development process.

Engagement Model

We provide flexible models that include fixed price, time and material, and retainer. We typically use a combination of models in consultation with the client to meet the need of each project

Time & Material

Used when user requirements are expected to evolve during the course of the project or when the client requires specific skills for a period of time.

Fixed Price

Used when the scope of work and technical design has been documented in sufficient details to allow an accurate estimate of time and cost, and only minor changes are expected during the course of the project. Limits client’s exposure to time and cost.

Our team is available to help with scope definition and documentation necessary to make this model work for both parties.


Used where clients require our expertise for short durations for specific assignments, eg for technology due diligence, technology audit etc

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