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NSG Infotech and its partners have expertise and resources available in the following technologies:

AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML Speed and Dexterity for futuristic web enabled applications…

A conventional web application essentially submits forms, filled by users to a web server, web page back. As re slowly.

What is Ajax?

Ajax is a blend of several technologies. Ajax stands for-Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a technique used to develop web based applications. It incorporates:
  • XHTML and CSS for marking up and styling information.
  • he Document Object Model, which is manipulated through JavaScript to dynamically demonstrate and interrelate with the information presented
  • Retrieval of asynchronous data using XMLHttpRequest

Web applications developed on Ajax technology can perform most of the functions that the native application of the user’s system can. This is because while interacting with the server on which they reside, a very small amount of data is exchanged back and forth at a time. This leads to pages being updated in the user’s browser only, rather than being refreshed completely. It’s a model modified from the web’s unique use as a hypertext medium.

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