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Deploy & Support : Install Services

New technologies come in to help businesses get their processes right, increase productivity, and develop products and services quicker than before. However, challenges with the existing Infrastructure to deliver the requisite QoS levels may make the thought of introducing newer & better technologies look impossible. Progressive steps in and deploys new technologies with ease, so your IT personnel are not burdened with more.

Installing new technologies and solutions come with a set of complex challenges of configuration, installation, especially for large enterprises. Progressive can handle this and get it right the first time. You can choose from a comprehensive suite of solutions for deploying servers, desktop and mobile devices, storage, networking, and software. With minimized downtime, Progressive helps you achieve high performance in no time at all.

Deploy & Support : Provisioning and System Integration

Enterprises all across the globe are allocating millions of dollars to handle their information needs and business processes. The need of the hour is to have a robust, long-term IT Infrastructure strategy that is in line with the business objectives. Such a strategy gives the right approach to architect, design, select, procure, deploy and maintain the Infrastructure in an efficient manner, while keeping the total cost of ownership to low levels and ensuring a faster return on investment. Progressive helps you define the right IT strategy for your business through its Technology Services and through its approach to build a Concurrent Infrastructure.

Deploy & Support : Support Services

Most enterprises IT Infrastructures today are the result of need-based deployments. Departments making their own purchases depending on their individual requirements have led to setups that have products from multiple vendors, disparate technologies and platforms. Such environments present enormous challenges for enterprises in terms of ensuring service for each product purchased, as well delivering support for them. And when companies straddle geographies, things get even more complex.

Progressive can address these issues, ensure smooth support and service operations and deliver integrated reports so that you can get a bird's eye view of the issues involved without having to get into the nitty gritty of day-to-day deliveries. What Progressive helps with is to stay focused on how you can leverage technology to run the business better, instead of getting sucked into the complexities of running the Infrastructure.

Progressive has a bouquet of support services that you can choose from, for hardware, software and solutions. From installation and upgrades to self-maintenance, from preventative measures to 24x7 problem resolution, there is a suite of services that you can customize for your enterprise.

Deploy & Support : Disposal Services

Legacy machines, outdated systems, out of support software, defunct technologies-all these have a way of draining your resources by occupying precious physical and virtual real estate and delivering zero or negative value to your business. Progressive can help you dispose of all the equipment you have no need for any longer and remove obsolete software and technologies from the Infrastructure setup without causing any negative impact on it. The team works on the disposal services with a focus to minimize downtime as well.

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