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Data Center Infrastructure in Noida India

If your company is looking for simplified network operations through data center deployments, Progressive has the expertise to fulfill that. Progressive designs data center Infrastructure that lets large enterprises move their various business functions around different server clusters without having to worry about how the machine have been deployed. The Infrastructure is built around robust server and storage systems that closely monitor all the machines and the networking nuts and bolts.

Progressive ensures that once the Infrastructure has been deployed, it can be easily reconfigured quickly and dynamically so that your company does not miss any business opportunities. Through central automation of processes, standardization, simplification and improved resource allocation and utilization, the total cost of ownership for an enterprise is reduced drastically, while ensuring overall Quality of Service (QoS) improvements.

If your enterprise already has already deployed data centers, but is saddled with rising costs, redundant Infrastructure and underutilized systems, Progressive consolidates your assets to optimize your enterprise productivity and lower operation and management costs. Progressive can consolidate your disparate and distributed data center assets into a few central locations thus ensuring high security as well.

The Progressive Advantage

  • Extensive experience in providing network consulting and solutions for integration including applications, middleware and security
  • Industry partnerships that deliver high value to each customer
  • Complete lifecycle services-from planning to maintenance, and even disposal

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